About UK Casino Girl Guide

UK Casino Girl Guide is not your every day gambling portal. Why?

1) UK Casino Girl Guide does its research. While virtually every site out there claims to be “the best” something or other, 99% of these sites do no research at all and wouldn’t know a trusted online casino from an audience with the Pope. Such websites generally offer pages of meaningless rhetoric peppered with material that has been copied from other websites. I write all the content for UK Casino Girl Guide personally and research every website I list.

2) UK Casino Girl Guide’s first mission in not manipulate the search engines to achieve a high listing. Many sites come up first in the search engines not because they do quality work, or are in any way useful, but because they’ve mastered the techniques of manipulating the search engines. As a result content often suffers. Although good search engine results are nice, by making this secondary, UK Casino Girl Guide content isn’t full of typical gaming portal rhetoric. At UK Casino Girl Guide, good content is the motivation because I really don’t believe that one is entitled to something for nothing (unless of course you’re sticking it to a rich casino).

3) Best Online Casino Guide strives to keep up to date and to be as complete as possible. I swear that I saw a website the other day that hasn’t been changed since Bill Clinton was in office. Indeed, “information directories” get updated rarely if ever. UK Casino Girl Guide is different. If there is some aspect of the online casino industry, you can bet I’m researching it. The goal of this site is to be the most complete and up-to-date online casino information resource anywhere.

4) Best Online Casino Guide is different because it is open and honest. UK Casino Girl Guide is not “on the take” or a front for a particular casino group. UK Casino Girl Guide will not recommend casinos that demonstrate a pattern of dishonesty no matter what they offer to pay me, seriously. No, I mean that…

5) Best Online Casino Guide will not spam you. I won’t send you any unsolicited email. Nor will UK Casino Girl Guide commit any of the webmaster’s 7 deadly sins (hidden text or links, misleading or repeated words, pages that do not match description, cloaked pages, deceptive redirects, doorway pages, or duplicate sites or pages) becuase He who doth commit such sins, is He who shall find himself smite by Google.